8 Of The Top Family Movies For Christmas Break

8 Of The Top Family Movies For Christmas Break

8 of the Top Family Movies for Christmas Break

Frozen fans have been anxiously awaiting the new Frozen 2 which, for the under-12 set is as good as the online casino South Africa is for the over-21s.  There are many other great films in the theatres this Christmas vacation from the fun-filled Spies in Disguise to the ever-silly Scoob.

Check out the best of December 2019’s cinema releases: 

Frozen 2

1 of 8: Frozen 2 picks up where the original Frozen left off as Anna leaves Arendelle to set off on an epic journey along with the fearless mountain man Krisoff, his loyal reindeer Sven and other friends from the Frozen 1 to find Elsa whose icy powers have trapped Arendelle in an endless winter.

The two sisters encounter an Everest-like chill, the delightful snowman Olaf, Sami the iceman, mystical trolls and more as they race to save the kingdom.  The subplot is as compelling as the main plot — Elsa, who seems so poised from the outside, is quaking on the inside with the knowledge that she was born with the beautiful, yet dangerous power to create snow and ice. Elsa struggles with the memory of how she almost killed Anna and now must break out of her isolation to harness the magic that could destroy, or save those that she loves most dearly.

Star Wars IX: the Rise of Skywalker

2 of 8: The latest in the Star Wars series sees the Resistance face off against the First Order once again.  The conflict between the Sith and the Jedi moves into new territory but brings with it quite a few surprises. Fans will remember that General Leia’s Resistance barely survived its last encounter with the First Order. Now there are only a few dozen soldiers still standing in the battered hunk of the limping ship.  

Finn, Poe, Rose, Finn and the rest of the gang must now rebuild the ranks as they work to rally the galaxy against the First Order. Fans remember that Luke Skywalker died after his final confrontation with his nephew in The Last Jedi but now he’s back mentoring Rey in Force Ghost form, guiding her in her Jedi ascension in the same way that Yoda and Obi-Wan once did for him. You can also expect to find out whether Kylo Ren will be pulled back to the light.

Playing with Fire 

3 of 8: Clueless males falling into situations in which they must take care of kids is not a new storyline but it’s always a popular one.  In Playing with Fire, a straight-laced fire superintendent and his team of elite firefighters rescue three siblings and are then faced with the task of caring for them until their family can be found. The fire station is turned upside down as the wild and unpredictable kids take over the station and the firefighters’ hearts. 

Spies in Disguise

4 of 8: Scientist Walter Beckett and spy Lance Sterling are true opposites — Lance is suave, smooth and debonair while Walter is…..not.  But Lance must learn to work with Waler whose ability to create inventive gadgets gives Lance the tools that he needs to get his job done. When an event throws the two together, Lance and Walter are forced to rely on each other and work together for the good of their own lives and of the entire world. 


5 of 8: Two teenage brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, set out on a journey of magic and discovery as they spend one last day with their father — who died when they were youngsters. Did we mention that Ian and Barley are elves? Along the way, the adventurers meet unicorns, trolls, gnomes and more.

Trolls World Tour

6 of 8: Trolls are big this Christmas season with a second troll-themed movie, Trolls WorldTur.  In this light-hearted flick, two trolls, Branch and Poppy, discover that they are a part of a troll-tribe that has five other branches scattered over six different lands.  Each branch is devoted to a different type of music — Funk, Techno, Country, Pop, Classical and Rock.

The trolls find themselves defending their way of life against Queen Barb, a member of Hard Rock royalty, who, along with her father King Thrash, believes that in order for their preferred music to reign supreme they will have to destroy all the other kinds of music. The movie follows Branch and Poppy as they set out to unify all the troll-tribes to create a harmonious world where all different types of music (and trolls) can co-exist.


7 of 8: The ‘70s Saturday morning animated series, Scooby-Doo, has become an unstoppable franchise for Warner Bros. Animation group. Scoob! is the latest in a series of live-action films based on the fun-loving pooch and his band of teenaged caretakers. An all-star cast gives voice to the 3D computer-animated adventure comedy in which, once again, Scooby Doo and his buddies are called upon to solve a mystery.. 

The SpongeBob Movie: It’s a Wonderful Sponge 

8 of 8: In It’s a Wonderful Sponge, which is set in the years before the SpongeBob TV series took place, SpongeBob goes on a trip to Kamp Koral (a setting that reveals how the SpongeBob characters met as children) where he meets new friends. His vacation is interrupted when Poseidon kidnaps SpongeBob’s pet snail and takes him to the Lost City of Atlantic City. SpongeBob and his new friend Patrick must rescue the kidnapped Cornu aspersum and save him from Poseidon’s dastardly plan. 

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