Meant To Be Broken: Review

Meant To Be Broken

Harvey Harrington (Dave Coyne) is a nice guy. He has a simple job, he never does anything wrong and always sees the best in people. He also happens to know a lot about those tiny by-laws that nobody really pays attention to anymore – nobody but Harvey anyway. Then one day after Harvey collapses at work, he goes to the doctor and finds out he has an inoperable brain tumour, giving him about a month to live.

Realising that he has never really lived, Harvey heads for the nearest bar to drown his sorrows and that’s where he meets Luke (Nick DePinto), a con artist who convinces Harvey that as he has never lived before, then now is as good a time as any. So, the pair get into Luke’s car and head for Miami with the intention of breaking as many of the laws that Harvey knows along the way.

Meant to be Broken is a hilarious buddy comedy with a simple premise. A premise that may have been done many times before, but Meant to be Broken is good enough to have its own originality while harking back to earlier buddy comedies.

Coyne and DePinto have great chemistry and as I said, their characters may remind the audience of similar characters in bigger budget comedies, but the pair play off each other just as well and are a likeable duo, even when the dynamic of their partnership changes.

With some hidden surprises along the way, Meant to be Broken is a comedy that has a well-crafted, witty script, great performances and best of all it has a heart. Audiences may think they know just how the film is going to play out, but with some clever moments of character development the audience is shown something new and intriguing just when they need it.

These kinds of buddy comedies are rare these days and Meant to be Broken clearly takes its influence from some of the best such as Dumb and Dumber and the underrated Kingpin. The tone is perfect, not a single scene is wasted or feels out of touch and the jokes come thick and fast. Meant to be Broken could possibly be the best feel good buddy comedy that you need right now.

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