Best TV Shows Of The 21st Century Ranked By Students

Mad Men Best TV Shows Ranked By Students

Best TV shows of the 21st century ranked by students

It is common knowledge that watching TV shows is a very popular way of spending free time for students. What is more, students can often relate to lots of characters portrayed in those shows. Here are some of the greatest TV shows students enjoy watching while studying at college or university. 

The first TV show to mention which the majority of students has been addicted to is called ‘Breaking Bad’. It is about a chemistry teacher who turns to drug manufacturing because of his terminal illness, as well as the desire to make sure his family will be taken care of.

There have been rumors about a movie based on the TV show but nothing is confirmed yet. The second most watched TV show by students all over the world is ‘Game of Thrones’. Pretty much everyone in your school has heard about it. There is no doubt about it. The plot of this TV show is so hard to predict which makes watching it so addictive. 

Students who want to major in advertising are typically very drawn to the show called ‘Mad Men’. It is a story about every day life in a prestigious advertising agency in New York, and it is rather educational for everyone who wants to work in the advertising industry. Surely, TV shows are not the only thing students watch. You can easily catch them watching some high-school movie as well. Yet, watching an episode of a TV show means that a student has enough time on relaxing and on the learning process. Besides, some TV shows may even provide useful knowledge to a student. 

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What is vital to highlight in regards to the issue in question is that defining the greatest TV shows of all time is rather difficult as a lot depends on viewers’ interests as well as their personal taste. However, it would be impossible to create a list of the best TV shows of the 21st century without mentioning ‘Lost’. A lot of people were hooked watching this show. It ran for a very long period of time, and the series had one of the most unexpected endings in the whole history of TV show making. 

All in all, making a TV and writing a scenario for it differs from making a movie, for instance. What is more, some TV shows attract the attention of a certain category of people. For instance, students often enjoy watching TV shows in which they can spot a reflection of themselves. What matters to them is seeing a character who faces the same everyday struggles they do. The main reason why is that we all want to know that somebody goes through the same things that trouble us.

We want to be able to relate. Apart from that, it should also be highlighted that watching TV shows is a great distraction and a way of relaxing. Taking breaks during the studying process is very useful as it helps a student get back to task accomplishment refreshed. As a result, they are able to complete it better and faster. Therefore, watching TV shows can be very useful for students. 

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