The Hummingbird Project

The Hummingbird Project

By Naseem Ally. The Hummingbird Project is a financial drama that revolves around a pair of financial traders, with the blueprint to lay underground fiber optic cables halfway across America. The premise behind this is to shave a few milliseconds off the delivery time of stock data, resulting in the duo making a hefty fortune for themselves and their investors.

Cousins Vincent and Anton Zaleski, played by Jessie Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgard go toe to toe against their menacing ex-boss Eva Torres, played by Salma Hayek.  

Vincent and Anton are playing a game of cat and mouse with a force to be reckoned with.  Eva is not at all pleased with the prospect of potentially losing the upper hand to her former subordinates.

It just goes to show the sheer lengths that those at the top of the financial food chain are willing to go, in order to gain a significant advantage over their competition. 

The Hummingbird Project is an original screenplay written and directed by Kim Nguyen.  Kim Nguyen was inspired to create this film due to his excitement after ‘‘reading about what people are doing to try and save a couple of milliseconds off their transactions’’

He wanted to base this on the financial system as there was a particular ‘‘madness to it’’ that he aims to convey with this film. 

Everything is on the line. 

The Hummingbird Project is released on the 3rd of May. 

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