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The recent protests in London by Extinction Rebellion were radical attempts to bring attention to climate change.  Instead, let’s tone down it a notch and I’ll draw your attention to a character in the thick of it. With polar bears and all sorts!

Arctic is a survival film where a man gets stranded after an airplane crash, resulting in him now having to kick into fight or flight mode.  He has to decide whether to stay in the safety of his makeshift camp or eventually succumb to embarking on a life or death trek through the unknown, in hopes of making it out alive. 

It stars Mads Mikkelsen, commonly associated with playing a villain, however, he turns that notion on its head with Arctic.  He plays Overgard, whose steel gets severely tested over this duration.  I highly doubt as an audience member you’d not be rooting for him to pull through. 

Overgard has no choice but to fend for himself in these extreme conditions.  From fighting off polar bears looking to kill him, to thinking of unconventional ways to catch the attention of rescue services, if luck is on his side.  Arctic was shot over 19 days in Iceland. 

In interviews, Mads Mikkelsen has referred to this role being his most challenging ever.  Critics at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, where Arctic made its debut, sighted this as being the best performance of his career to date. 

The film is directed and written by Joe Penna along with input from his co-writer Ryan Morrison.  Mind you this film is not dialogue heavy, so it will rely on the sheer talent of Mikkelsen which of course, he has in abundance. 

This should be quite the cinematic experience. 

Arctic is released on the 10th of May.

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