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Happy Death Day 2 U has a new trailer and you should all go and watch it. The original was awesome. Probably the most pleasantly surprising good film of the year it was released, it did well enough at the box off to earn itself a sequel.

Now, if you’re anything like me you’ve been apprehensive about this idea since it was first announced. For all the enjoyment I got from the first Happy Death Day I didn’t exactly come out of it hoping for a follow-up. It’s a pretty decent standalone movie and the plot is wrapped up all nice and neat by the time the credits roll.

The plot for Happy Death Day 2 U (love the title) appears to be taking cues from Back to the Future Part II in as much as it will apparently be dipping in and out of the timeline of the original. It’s an interesting premise and I’m excited to see how it works out. Until then, check out the trailer, it looks like a lot of fun.

In other surprisingly decent sounding sequels to surprisingly good original horror movies news (sounds like a strangely specific category and yet… here we are) John Krasinski has been busy talking about his ideas for the planned follow-up to his box-office smash A Quiet Place.

Set in a world destroyed by an alien invasion, in which every sound attracts these predatory killing machines, A Quiet Place was one of the most successful horror movies of last year and it’s not hard to see why. A killer concept expertly delivered will always do wonders, and while it erred a little safe in some of its nastier moments (and the baby is problem. You just wouldn’t have one, would you?), it was a taught little movie and a great introduction into the genre.

Pencilled in for a 2020 release-date it would appear that the A Quiet Place franchise will be taking an anthology style approach to its sequel. Rather than focus on the characters introduced in the first the film will instead head off to explore an entirely new group of characters and their experiences within this dangerous new world.

Krasinski has explained that it was this concept that drew him back in, and he’s keen to explore the world in more depth. He’s agreed to return to write the sequel, much like he did with the original, but whether or not he’ll be helming the film still remains uncertain.

Krasinski isn’t the only person who’s been busy talking about their upcoming projects this week.

Todd MacFarlane, the man behind Spawn, has been discussing his plans for the upcoming Spawn reboot, and it sounds… interesting, to say the least.

Speaking with Nerdist MacFarlane has promised the film will be dark and brooding, claiming that “there’s no joy”. That might sound a little… well, joyless, but hear him out. His concept sees a “dark, ugly two hours worth of movie” and this sounds sort of fascinating.

When we juxtapose this idea again the more happy-go-lucky style of comic book movie we’ve been getting recently (I love Marvel but they are very heavy on the comedy) it could offer up something new to the comic book adaptation landscape. Starring Jaimie Foxx and Jeremy Renner the film is drawing from MacFarlane’s original comic.

In other movie news the sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (seriously, why was that movie as good as it was?) has been picking up steam recently. Set to be a direct sequel to the 2017 film rather than the Robin Williams starring original, the film will once again see the magical board game take the form of a video game.

News broke this week that Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s Eight star Awkwafina will be appearing in the film, which sees Jake Kasdan return to the directors chair.

Also returning are the cast of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black, all of whom appeared in the 2017 movie. As well as Awkwafina the new film will also see Danny DeVito join the cast, although in what capacity remains a mystery at this point (I’m secretly hoping he’s somehow playing Frank Reynolds. Although something tells me he won’t be).

All in all a somewhat curious star to the year. I’m cautiously optimistic about what the year might bring in terms of movies and I’ll try to remain optimistic going into 2019. So far this year we’ve already had The Favourite, which is being critically acclaimed, and Holmes and Watson, which is… not. So, anything goes.

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