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Okay, okay. Calm down. We’ll do this one first, shall we? Ahem… Avengers 4 trailer, people! There’s an Avengers 4 trailer! Watch it here. Get excited. Do whatever it is you will do! The Avengers 4 trailer has finally arrived.

At this point you’re either behind the MCU or you’ve checked out, but the fact remained that Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been one of the biggest, boldest and most successful cinematic experiments of all time, and it has changed the way we not  only view cinema but the way in which we consume it, the way in which we talk about it and the way in which it’s made. Like it or not, Marvel have transformed film forever, and Avengers 4 marks the culmination of 10+ years of work. This is the big one.

We also got a title; Avengers: Endgame. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the title, but whatever, I’m not the ones making the decisions. Anyway, my thoughts on Marvel and their movies have been well documented, and in recent years I’ve been finding myself losing interest in the cinematic universe, but I’ll admit even I got a little excited upon watching the trailer. I’ll be there.

Marvel also released another big trailer this week in the form of Captain Marvel.

Brie Larson stars as the titular hero and is also set to appear in Avengers: Endgame, although she’s nowhere to be seen in the trailer for that film. But Brie Larson also signed on for a different kind of role this week, she’ll be starring in writer/director Charlie Kaufman’s third film following Synecdoche New York and Anomalisa.

The film is called I’m Thinking of Ending Things and is based on the 2016 Ian Reid novel of the same name, telling the story of a woman’s trip to a family farm that leads to an “unexpected detour leaving her stranded”.

Larson will be starring in the film alongside Jessie Plemons (who is always great in everything he’s in and needs more recognition, seriously), who also signed on to star in the film this week. The film is set to be released by Netflix at some point next year. As a fan of Kaufman’s previous work, I’m curious to see what this one looks like, I’m always keen to see more from such an interesting and inventive filmmaker.

Meanwhile over at DC/Warner the big wigs are still scrambling desperately to try and figure out how to emulate Marvel’s success. The manifested itself (perhaps rather arrogantly) this week in the form of news that Warner Bros. are already beginning to think about a sequel to this month’s Aquaman.

Starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, Aquaman is directed by none other than ghost train master James Wan of Saw and Insidious fame.

Quite why they’re considering a sequel already despite the film not being released yet is beyond me. You’d have thought that DC/Warner would have learned their lesson about getting ahead of themselves by now, especially considering their planned DCEU (that’s DC Extended Universe for those of you who don’t know… see, it’s not like Marvel… promise) has practically collapsed in on itself, with actors leaving franchises starless, critics panning practically every movie released and… well, just generally not being very good. But, apparently, they’re still eager to crack on, moving head like a steam roller with no regard for things as fickle and unimportant as, y’know, quality and stuff.

Last week I spoke briefly about Wes Anderson’s new film, a French musical rumoured to be starring Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton. Well, this week we got some more news on that (and let me say, this project is shaping up to be something I’m very excited in seeing play out).

Firstly, we’ve got ourselves a title; The French Dispatch. We also received the news that it actually isn’t a musical at all. The film is set in the 1950s and tells the story of journalists at an America newspaper bureau in Paris. Joining the cast are Benicio del Toro, Frances McDormand, Jeffery Wright and Timothee Chalamet.

Our final story this week is that Disney seem in absolutely no rush to slow down on their continued output of “live-action” remakes of their classic animated movies. Maleficent arguably started this trend, but unlike so many of the ones that have come since it also applied and interesting new take to its source material. Whereas Cinderella, The Jungle Book and, by the looks of it, The Lion King took a straighter remake adaptation approach, and while those God-awful Alice in Wonderland films try to turn them into action blockbusters, Maleficent decided to look at the villain of Sleeping Beauty and craft an entirely different tale through the original.

Well, finally, it seems Disney have released they can apply this thought process to other remakes, and this week we got the announcement that they will be revisiting the world of 101 Dalmations with Cruella, an origin story for everyone’s favourite villain, Cruella DeVille. Emma Stone is set to star as the iconic villain, while I, Tonya and Lars and the Real Girl director Craig Gillispie is set to direct.

I’m keen to see how this one turns out, I enjoyed Gillispie’s films and I’m a fan of Emma Stone, so this could turn out great.

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