How To Write A Film Review That Makes Money

How To Write A Film Review That Makes Money

If you are film buff or if you enjoy watching movies with friends on a regular basis, you might be able to turn this hobby into a part-time means to make extra cash in the coming year.  Movie reviews are extremely popular subjects and you can quickly develop a loyal fan base if you follow a few simple rules.  You will also be pleased know that the learning curve is rather shallow.  So, you could very well be able to get your project up and running within a relatively short period of time.  Let us take a look at some of the most basic principles to embrace before listing a handful of the amazing tools which are at your immediate disposal.

Film Critic 101:  Back To (Digital) School

There are entire university courses dedicated to the art of critiquing films, so we will not pretend to cover all bases within this short article. However, there are still some basic guidelines to keep in mind if you wish to earn money from your hard work.  The most important aspect to keep in mind is that you should try to avoid judging a film off of your personal preferences alone. While even masters such as Siskel and Ebert are swayed by personal bias, this must never dominate your overall opinion.  Attempt to embrace an objective point of view while still creating an “edgy” piece.

Speaking of edgy, never forget that people are looking for a bit of spice in your post.  If they wanted to read a bland piece, they would refer to Wikipedia for a general description of the film in question.  The chances are high that you will offend some readers and this is never a bad thing.  Whether they love or hate your review, the fact of the matter is that evoking a response represents the first step towards visitor engagement.  There is nothing wrong with pushing the envelope, just be sure to do so with class and taste.

Some of the most prolific movie reviewers do not specialize in only one specific genre.  They are instead very familiar with numerous categories.  This might be difficult to achieve in the beginning; especially if you have a limited amount of time to write. A great way to begin is to write opinions about your favourite films. Gauge which pieces have received the most feedback (noting the genres as well) in order to discover the best direction to take in the future.

The Tools At Your Disposal

There are countless blogs which are solely focused around movie reviews.  However, very few are actually used to generate an extra source of income. Why is this the case?  Assuming that they all exhibit top-notch writing, something else must be coming into play.  The chances are high that the articles are not being properly marketed.  This is why you also need to take on the role of a digital advertiser if you hope your articles to be read by others than your closest friends.  Cross-channel marketing should always be taken into account.  This is simply another way of describing the process of linking your reviews across other pages such as social media portals and your website (if you currently own one).  

We should also mention the power of online e-books. These are some of the newest trends and they will be able to greatly increase the overall exposure that you can expect to enjoy. One of the reasons behind this observation is that e-books cost very little money to write and they can be marketed to literally millions of potential buyers if you have a large audience. E-books represent very powerful tools within your arsenal, so always consider this option if you have been less than satisfied with the current performance of a standard blog.

It is also a good idea to interact with other film critics.  This is wise for two reasons. First, there is always something more to learn. You could pick up another style of writing or a specific critique may allow you to view a film from an entirely new perspective. Another motivating factor is the power of the spoken word.  If you reply to other critics, you will also have the opportunity to link this reply back to your own review portal.  Everyone is looking for additional exposure and the chances are high that you will receive a higher level of inbound traffic as a result.

Even novices can become film critics if they enjoy embarking upon new adventures.  The online community has opened up a wealth of opportunities and these possibilities should never be taken for granted.  Whether you are content with a standalone blog or you are instead looking to gain ground through the use of an e-book, you will be very impressed with what is in store.

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