Thor Hansen In The Movies

Thor Hansen In The Movies

Poker has become one of the best professions in the world. It is one of the most taxing and skill-based activities to consider, but the pay could be way up there. No wonder that everyone in every country features at least 1 poker superstar, within its borders at the very least.

You might not expect such professionals to come from countries that have serious regulations about gambling, but it sometimes happens. For example, Norway has one of the strictest regulations about playing poker for money, and features only two companies who provide just the tables. However, this nordic country was able to produce one of the stars of Poker Thor Hansen himself. Full article can be found on website.

Little bit about Thor

Thor was born in 1947 in Oslo and quickly grew up to be a poker sensation within the country. His career pretty much began in the 90s when he was able to play against Larry Flynt in Las Vegas. After the game Larry Flynt invited Thor to play poker for him, ultimately spearheading his career. Currently Thor is living in California and enjoying all of the wealth he was able to accumulate over the years of professional poker.

A new career?

Thor Hansen is regarded as the Godfather of all the Norwegian poker players. All the new players look up to him and want to be like him. Therefore, Zacapa Film a Norwegian film studio decided to make a documentary about him in 2016 calling it All In.

At first the project was proceeding with the studio’s own resources but soon it became evident that it could not be sustained. Therefore the studio created a fundraiser, hoping to gather 250,000 NOK (about $30,000), which they were able to achieve.

The story of how the studio met Thor is quite amusing. It turned out that Zacapa Film was making commercials for the Blood Cancer Society in connection with NM in poker 2015. They were soon able to find out that Thor was a very popular poker player, they decided to meet him. Getting through to him seemed easy enough and convincing him to agree to the documentary even easier.

There are even quotes from the studio talking about Thor and the future of the project

 “Thor Hansen is a wonderful man who everyone will soon become fond of. He is so full of exciting stories that one would not think that half is true. But when you get to know Thor, you understand that everything he says is the truth. He has always lived at the moment, without worries for neither the past nor the future. Now he suffers from incurable cancer, but looks back on an adventurous life without regret for anything. Even while fighting such a terrible disease, Thor is able to live strong. We want to find out what is the secret of Thor’s life philosophy and fascinating character, and make a documentary that is about going “ALL IN” in life – and living alive all the way to goals.”


The project was launched in November 2016, here you can find a small part of the story that it will be telling about the Norwegian poker legend.

“Fifty years later, Thor has become world champion in poker for the second time. He lives in a Los Angeles villa with his wife Marcella and lives off to play poker. For 11 years he is permanently playing the team of porn king Larry Flynt. He plays against the richest and most famous in the world and has no idea how many hundred million he has won. In the poker environment he is called only Godfare from Norway. Despite this, Thor never has money, he is a notorious gambler.”

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