Sex Weather: Review

Review: Sex Weather

Sex Weather: Review

It’s the morning-after-the-night-before, and two people are waking up bleary eyed, hung over and in bed next to someone that they perhaps didn’t expect to. Over the course of the day, we get to know these people as they get to know each other, their values, their hopes and fears, with an intimacy that only seems to occur on these days spent between the sheets.

In his sixth feature film, director and writer Jon Garcia’s entire story unfolds in the bedroom of Sidney Livingston (Amber Stonebraker). She has spent the night with a filmmaker friend and ex colleague Darrel (Al’Jaleel McGhee).

The pair hasn’t seen each other since they worked on the movie, and as the narrative unfolds, we realise that these two have something of a history. They both had feelings for each other, but were reluctant to act on them considering their working relationship, and have since drifted and ended up in different places in their lives.

Sidney is played captivatingly by Stonebreaker, creating a vivid and emotionally layered character, even when confined only to the four walls of her bedroom. Her back and forth between cruelty and kindness in the way she interacts with Darrel is amusing and relatable. McGhee also does well as the brooding, self-deprecating filmmaker who is uninspired and unsure of his future and of his career.

There is sweetness behind this film, and also a kind of sadness. The pair gets to know each other so well, baring their souls to one another, but there is the underlying certainty that once this day is over, they will probably go their separate ways, and most likely will not keep in contact.

Sex Weather exposes the way we can connect on a very deep level with someone, but then can go through life never really crossing paths with him or her again. Garcia brilliantly portrays this sad truth, and does so in the simplest of ways.

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