Intensive Care: Review

Tara Macken

By Grace Williams.

What happens when someone who fights for a living suddenly becomes a normal member of society?  Jared Bentley’s action thriller Intensive Care/Hospice turns the stereotype of retired ex-soldier on its head with stunt-woman Tara Macken as a hospice worker with a dark past.

This is editor-turned-director Jared Bentley’s first feature film release and the concept is good. Tara Macken really drives this film, with her brilliantly choreographed fight scenes and enigmatic on screen presence. I personally love fight scenes which are not cut in to teeny tiny bits in the edit. A well shot fight scene is becoming a bit of a lost art form, so kudos to Bentley for some great on screen action.

It’s not entirely clear what is happening throughout the film and there’s little time for character development. Without knowing the budget, it would have been nice to see a bit more back story to the leads and I didn’t see the twist coming because there wasn’t really any need for one.

Intensive Care isn’t a revelation but it’s certainly got charm. Its early Tarantino quality makes it a shame that some of this film fell flat with dialogue and plot development with this film. I feel that the criminals could have had some more fleshed out banter so that they didn’t merge into one person, at times. I wasn’t 100% sure why Alex stopped being a vicious assassin type and then decided to be a live-in nurse… I’d personally go and live on a tropical island somewhere and relax, but each to their own. Also, she seemed to be running the entire farm house of the sick lady she was caring for which was a bit unbelievable.

Good film but the character writing could have made it that bit better.

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