No Escape Room

No Escape Room

No Escape Room is a new paranormal horror movie. It was created this year in 2018 in the United States. The actors taking part in the film are Dennis Andres, Hamza Haq, Brianna Barnes, Jeni Ross, and Mark Ghanime.

Have you ever seen an escape room? It is quite fun when it isn’t haunted actually, the puzzle solving skills and logic that you need to use can be quite a good amusement for some. In this movie, the same activities are displayed. A single father named Michael is looking for ways to bond with his teenage daughter Karen. However, he, unfortunately, chooses the worst possible place to do so, because the escape room they enter with two escape room veterans turns out to be haunted.

Have you ever watched a movie without sound? You may have seen how less scary it becomes when there are no jumpscares involved. Even if they are involved, there is no sound to be registered with your brain, therefore not signaling it to immediate danger. This movie will make you want to turn off your volume and wait in suspense to see what will happen to the characters. The fun they were having in the beginning quickly ends and turns into a fear they cannot shake. Soon enough they find out that they are being toyed with.

Like in any other horror movie there is always a spirit that was either a terrible human being when it was alive, or it was just tortured to such an extent that it decided to come back and pay humanity back. But we don’t like the fact that they always miss their targets. Anyway, it is the same case in this movie where a vengeful spirit comes back from the dead and wants to kill these innocent people to get the anger out from the torture it had to endure when it was alive.

In how many movies have you seen a similar scenario? The ring? Poltergeist? Name any of them and they will turn out to be quite similar. The only one we can remember being a bit different from this is “Paranormal Activity” which features ghosts taking control of humans and haunting them that way. But ultimately it always ends with the victims of the haunting dying horribly.

Will it be the case in this movie? Will the heroes die horribly or will they survive through logic and good decision making? Well you will have to figure that out yourself.

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