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Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is likely no longer going to be playing Superman in the DCEU. Quite what’s going on with the DCEU is anyone’s guess (just pack it in, Warners, come on. Start over, for God’s sake!), but it appears that the future focus of the DC movies is going to be more on the “Superman Family” and less on Superman himself.

As a result, Cavill is apparently out, which might be he’ll have more time to reload his fists in other movies, which I suppose isn’t the worst thing. As a Superman Cavill wasn’t terrible, he just had some poor material to work with, but maybe this new direction DC and Warners seem to be taking will finally get the DCEU on some kind of track.

We’ll see.

The issues are rumoured to stem from talks about Cavill’s Supes appearing in the Shazam movie. The talks reportedly broke down, although what it was that specifically went wrong is up for speculation.

Favourite to replace Cavill in the role is Black Panther and Fantastic Four star Michael B. Jordan, but that has yet to be confirmed one way or the other either.

And the loss of Cavill isn’t the only trouble over at DC/Warners this week. Ben Afflick is also rumoured to be out as Batman, and there is much speculation as to why. He reportedly won’t be appearing in the solo film, The Batman, as well as any other DCEU movies in the future. 

The screenplay for The Batman is rumoured to call for a younger interpretation of the character, and the internet quickly began speculating that Game of Thrones star Kit Harington was going to take on the role (although Harington’s representatives quickly debunked the rumour, anything’s possible I suppose. Well, except the DCEU suddenly becoming good…), having recently wrapped filming on the final season of the HBO fantasy show.

John Hamm, of Mad Men fame, also threw his name into the ring as a possible new Dark Knight, although considering he’s actually a year old that Affleck that looks unlikely. I actually think he’d make a great older Batman, and I think it’s a shame they’re going younger again.

Over at Marvel things are looking rather juicy. While there’s been no news on the James Gunn controversy in recent weeks, one piece of news we did get was the fact that the Avengers 4 ending has apparently not been filmed yet. 

Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner in the MCU, revealed that Infinity War and Avengers 4 hadn’t actually been filmed entirely back to back as previously thought, and that he and his fellow Avengers would soon be heading out to begin filming on the second half, which will include reshoots and the as yet unfilmed ending.

In horror news Jordan Peele, the Oscar winning writer/director of lasts years breakout success Get Out, is rumoured to be heading up a Candyman remake. The 1992 original saw Tony Todd in the title role, who isn’t expected to return here, and is considered by many as a cult classic (including me, if you care). 

Peele is currently shooting a thriller titled Us, which stars Lupita Nyong’o, Elisabeth Moss and Winston Duke, but Candyman looks possible to be his follow-up. Since the original dealt with race relations in America to a degree then Peele is the ideal choice to helm a reboot. I’m feeling okay with this one, in theory, so hopefully they’ll be further news on this project soon.

Steven Soderberg’s latest movie, a sports drama called High Flying Bird, has been bought by Netflix, who will distribute the film worldwide. The cast includes Andre Holland, star of Hulu’s Castle Rock, Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz, Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto, and Twin Peak’s Kyle McLachlan.

The film is set during an NBA lockout and tells the story of a “sports agent who pitches a rookie baseball client on an intriguing and controversial business proposition”. The film was shot, like Unsane, using the iPhone camera. While it doesn’t sound particularly all that exciting (at least, it doesn’t to me, get over it people), Soderberg is undoubtedly on a bit of a hot streak at the moment.

The last bit of news this week is that Danny Boyle’s departure from Bond 25 has caused a bit of a stir-up over at Eon as the project is now apparently in a state of change. 

Boyle was supposedly far enough into production to have begun talks with actors, including French-American actor Said Taghmaoui, who had been cast as the lead villain. Taghmaoui co-starred in Wonder Woman as one of her WW1 companions (can’t remember his name, honestly, because that movie sucks hard. Fight me). Now it looks as though this might not be happening, with Taghmaoui himself saying “I literally just received a message saying; if they go Middle East, it’s you. If they go Russian, it’s someone else”. 

Maybe they’ll go Salisbury Cathedral?

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