A Legacy Of Whining: Review

a legacy of whining

A Legacy of Whining is directed by its starring actor, Ross Munro, who plays a constantly struggling, self-titled ‘thespian’ called Mitch. When Mitch decides to reunite after several decades with his best friend from college, Dunc, it seems that the ‘dynamic duo’ aren’t all they used to be. They have nothing in common, they don’t really get along, and they end up getting themselves into some pretty hairy situations

The relationship between these two is almost funny, but there is so much content in the script that the funnier jokes are buried under a pile of not-so-funny ones. They don’t get along at all anymore, which makes it a pretty awkward watch. The overload of jokes and sarcastic comments begins to grate after a while, with Mitch and Dunc’s rapport becoming more and more irritating as the time goes on. The incessant use of each others names at the beginning of every sentence is overused to the point of being unbearable. I found it difficult to keep up with the incredibly fast paced script, and the jokes weren’t my usual laugh-out-loud kinds, although humour is very subjective.

Where the script might fall short, the filming, which was done on a very small budget, is of a very good quality. The shots look very professional, and the settings are translated very well on to the screen. Neon signs against red walls illuminate the screen beautifully, with an almost Twin Peaks feel to the dark and dingy settings the pair find themselves in. It makes the script a bit more bearable when placed on the unique sets.

The film definitely means well, and with such a small budget the cinematography is really commendable, sometimes it’s even a joy to look at. But, for me, its shortcomings are the lack of likeable characters. Our main duo are whiny (obviously intentional) and bitterly sarcastic middle aged men, who rarely break from their snide back and forth insults, which doesn’t make for a particularly sympathetic cast. However, this definitely isn’t to say that the humour won’t appeal to anyone.

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