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“Even in silence… there is some noise… you just have to listen” – Lorraine Warren.

With the Conjuring movies, director James Wan did not leave any stone unturned in delivering fear and horror to the screen. In fact, the series has been considered one of the best horror movie series with all movies being high-grossing movies of their respective year. But the Conjuring is no mere movie. They are part of a universe that fans commonly know as the Conjuring Universe. Here, demons are loose, evil look innocent, the devil is here and there. With the upcoming, newest addition to the series, The Nun, the Conjuring Universe is brought back to the limelight and more is known about the universe. New to it? Well, how about having a little glimpse of the movies and check out how they are connected? The accounts will include Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, The Conjuring 1 and 2 plus a little extra sneak preview of The Nun. Watch out though… spoiler alert! 

Annabelle: Creation

It all starts in 1943 when doll maker Samuel Mullins along with his wife and little girl Annabelle seems to be the ideal happy family until… Annabelle dies in a car accident. Devasted by the events, the Mullins decide to resort to any power than will allow them to reunite with their daughter. The force that will answer will prove to be from their worst nightmares! As the Mullins starts to receive signs that their daughter is back, they give the power permission to inhabit a porcelain doll. It won’t be long until Mrs Mullins discovers that the spirit in the doll is not their daughter but something with sinister plans. In an attempt to combat it, they lock the doll in Annabelle’s closet along with bible pages to keep the evil at bay. Years later, the Mullins will allow children from an orphanage to live in their home. Janice, a youngster crippled by polio starts to be haunted by the evil precence after bringing the doll out of the closet. The demon inside the doll soon leaves the doll and possesses Janice and kills the Mullins. As the kids try to combat the demon, they successfully lock possessed Janice in the purified closet only to discover she managed to run away. She will find her way back in an orphanage where she will be adopted by the Higgins and name herself… Annabelle. 


Years later, Mia Form and her husband are expecting their first child. Mia, fond of dolls receives a rare gift, the same porcelain doll of the Mullins from her husband. During the night, their neighbour, the Higgins are murdered by their adoptive daughter, Annabelle. Alerted, Mia tries to call the police while her husband gets next door. She is attacked by Annabelle and on time, the police intervene. Annabelle holds the porcelain doll, slashes her throat, leaving her blood drip over it. The demon that once possessed Annabelle had moved to the doll once again. Soon, Mia will be haunted by the demon, despite numerous attempt of destroying the doll which is in vain. After her delivery, the demon tries to get to her baby. Mia discovers that Annabelle was part of a cult named the Disciples of the Ram, a satanic cult that tries to summon demons into the world. As she saves her baby from the grasp of evil each time, the malicious demon in the daughter will not leave their back. He demanded a soul. Mia’s new friend, Evelyn, would quickly realise that and sacrifices herself by holding the doll and throwing herself from the balcony, freeing the family from the demon. After a while, the doll will find its way to an antique shop where Debbie is choosing a gift for her nurse daughters.


The Annabelle doll is taken by the Lorraine and Ed Warrens, a group of investigators that deal with supernatural events after three nurse girls report having experienced paranormal events since they were gifted the dolls. The Warrens will soon be contacted by Carolyn Perron and family who believe they are haunted by an evil force. As the Warrens intervene to help, they soon realise the hauntings are in fact warnings from deceased women of the house. They intend on preventing Bathsheba, a witch that killed herself and cursed the house after she was caught sacrificing her new-born to the devil. Bathsheba possesses Carolyn and tries to fulfil the prophecy by trying to kill her daughter, but the Warrens successfully exorcise Bathsheba, ending her reign of evil forever. 

Conjuring 2

The Warrens are now investigating the fabled story of Amityville where Lorraine Warrens experiences a vision of a demonic nun. Believing that an unclean spirit took the form of a nun to attack her faith and would try to kill Ed, she resorts never to use her psychic abilities to help others. They are soon contacted by the Hodgson family who claims that their daughter Janet is experiencing a series of hauntings. They pay a visit and successfully interact with the spirit who names itself as Billy Wilkins, the former house owner. Thinking that the spirit wants to scare them out of the house, the Hodgson moves next door but the hauntings wouldn’t end. The Warrens come across a video of Janet purposefully creating a scene and believe that it was all a hoax. As they prepare to return back, Lorraine experiences another vision where Billy reveals he is just a pawn and that the devil wants Janet before being startled by the demonic nun, who reveals itself as Valak. The demon possesses Janet and prepares to kill itself by throwing off the window, but Ed manages to stop her. Lorraine, realising that the name of the demon is the way to banish her, dares to face the demonic nun and would banish her to hell, freeing the family.

“Your name grants me dominion over you demon, and I do know your name! You are Valak, the defiler, the profane, the marquis of snakes!” – Lorraine during the confrontation. 

The Nun

A young novice nun is sent to a cloistered abbey, St Carta Monastery in Romania by the Vatican to investigate the death of a nun. She soon realises that the abbey has a long history not so good. She will have to face the evil that Lorraine defeated in Conjuring 2, Valak.  

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