Stacy’s Knights: A Must-See Movie About Blackjack

Stacy’s Knights: A Must-See Movie About Blackjack

Directed by Jim Wilson and written by Michael Blake, Stacy’s Knights is an older movie based on the game of blackjack; released in 1983. As part of the Top 10 Blackjack Movies List, Stacy’s Knights is an action-packed film focusing on the blackjack talents of Will Bonner AKA “Double Down”, played by Kevin Costner, and Stacy Lancaster, played by Andra Millian.

The film begins with the introduction of Stacy, a timid woman who is learning how to play the game of blackjack. Stacy meets Will, who decides to coach her on the art of card counting. Stacy soon becomes successful at a casino located in Reno, Nevada and the casino is none too happy about her constant wins.

The management of the casino is corrupt, (surprise, surprise), so they decide to assign a dealer who will cheat to stop her from winning. Eventually, Will runs into trouble and is killed, leading Stacy to decide to recruit other gamblers to help her take action against the casino.

Stacy uses the skills she learned from Will to train the team (Stacy’s Knights) on how to win at blackjack. The team then visits the casino bez depozytu and with Stacy in disguise, works to win a large amount of money from the corrupt casino, seeking revenge over the death of Will.

Oddities That Make the Film Stand Out

The movie is a bit odd in several ways, dealing with the game of blackjack as well as other aspects. For starters, when players are at the blackjack table, their cards are dealt face down and they are handling them repeatedly. This is not how it is done at the casino and is an easy way for players to be able to cheat. In traditional blackjack game play, the cards are dealt face up for players, with one card face up for the dealer.

Secondly, Will tries to teach Stacy to use card counting strategies and walk away from the table once enough money has been earned, so as to not draw too much attention from casino officials. However, Stacy does not want to leave the table because she has a ‘feeling’ about a hand and she ends up winning. Well, Stacy can do this because she has…drum roll……ESP!

Aspects that Make Stacy’s Knights a Top Blackjack Movie

This movie has that classic 80s feel, with a strong focus on casino gambling. Fans of blackjack are sure to enjoy Stacy’s Knights as the film focuses on card counting and the players are quite successful when it comes to counting cards in 21. Fans of Kevin Costner will enjoy the film as well, as this was his first leading role before he became famous for his roles in Field of Dreams and Dances with Wolves.

Stacy’s Knights might be almost 40 years old, but it has its charm when it comes to the gambling genre. However, it may seem a bit cheesy from today’s standards, but who doesn’t love a good 80s movie? If you enjoy the game of blackjack, be sure to give the film a watch, reveling in the 80s style and early works of Kevin Costner.

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