Review: Eazy Meets

Review: Eazy Meets

Eazy Meets is a short film by first time director Grace Williams. This horror/drama short follows a fairly ordinary married couple, Richard and Molly. The pair live together, and whilst it seems they have found ways to accommodate each other, there is one big difference between them. She is a vegan and he is a meat-eater. In today’s world, these differences can really drive a wedge between people, especially when living together and trying to make a marriage work. The fact that he eats meat is clearly a problem for her, and this causes a certain underlying tension.

When Molly goes to work, Richard surfs a website called ‘Eazy Meets’, and entertains blonde women in his flat, before luring them into a secret room. We never see what is going on behind the closed doors, but we know there is something suspicious. One day, Molly comes home early from work and discovers his stomach-churning secret.

The film explores, in a clever way, the way in which our lifestyle choices define us in today’s world. It is also a look at how we struggle to accept one another’s differences when it comes to these preferences, such as meat eating or veganism. The ending is unpredictable and a well-orchestrated reveal, one that will make you slightly uncomfortable, but I assume this was the aim of the director!

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