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There are two things we never get tired of doing: watching movies and playing poker.  We have to thank the French for introducing us to this popular card game we can’t get enough of.  Poker originated from France, initially it was called poque in the 19th century, with a twenty card deck instead of the fifty-two we have now.    Our Friday nights and weekends cannot be complete without chilling with our mates and catching the latest film or engaging in a round or two of Poker.  Even easier and quicker nowadays now that we have online poker with chances to win big with sites like CasinoBillions.  To help you decide on a relevant film, here’s a list of some great poker movies for your entertainment.


I must admit, I was among the many who was introduced to the world of no-limit Texas Hold’em through this 1998 movie starring Matt Damon and Ed Norton.  There’s still no other movie that’s about modern-day poker like this one, and the marathon poker session that Damon’s character goes through to help save Norton’s “the worm” is great.  With a cameo by Johnny Chan and some great (though sometimes over-quoted) lines, this is a must-see.

All In: The Poker Movie

The film showcased how poker developed, from humble beginnings in underground clubs until it made its way into French casinos as well as into homes worldwide. It portrayed poker’s impact on society, and attempted to rationalise the card game’s effects on people of all ages.  The movie website stated that the “documentary weaves the quest for the American Dream, the ability to take risks, and the celebration of entrepreneurship with a game that began with conmen on riverboats and ended up being played by presidents.”

Oceans 12

The sequel to the star-studded casino movie features main man Danny Ocean re-assembling the old multi-talented gang to travel to Amsterdam, Rome and Paris.  They’re supposed to pull off one heist after another, using the skills that proved helpful the first time. Meanwhile, they could not escape the wrath of Terry Benedict (owner of the casinos they previously invaded), with added villains such as the Night Fox (a mysterious French adversary) as well as a Europol Agent.  With all these people at their heels, the challenge is to keep it cool and get the job done.

Casino Royale

The envy of all men (even suave French ones), James Bond was lethal in this modern instalment of the 007 franchise.  As a recently promoted agent, he was tasked to follow the money trail of an international terrorist.  This trail led him to a high stakes poker game, betting much of the government’s money on the pot.  If Bond is victorious, the money line will be cut. If he fails, the pot money will be used to finance worldwide terrorist activities.  Check this one out.

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