#BRWC10: Top 10 List Of Gangster Movies Based On Real Life

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A thrilling film based on real-life events adapted from the autobiography of gangland boss Hiroito Joanides de Moraes. Hiroito was infamous as The King of Boca do Lixo (an area in downtown Sao Paula that was notorious for its nightclubs, strip joints, prostitution and drugs in the 1950’s). Boca charts his journey through violence, women and drugs on the way to becoming one of the most successful and dangerous criminals in Brazil.

The Departed

Set in Boston, two men lead undercover lives on opposite sides of the law. One is a mole in the Massachusetts State Police and the other is an informant in Francis “Frank” Costello’s gang in the Irish mafia. Betrayal and bloodshed set in when discoveries over real identities are made and each man tries to find a way to reveal the other before his own cover is blown. Frank Costello is based on organized crime figure James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger, Jr., not the famous Italian mobster from New York who is also named Frank Costello.

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