The Perfect Home Movie Set-Up

A massive screen!

As a cinephile (or movie-lover), there’s nothing more appealing than creating the ultimate home theatre. Being able to skip the crowded theatre where you have to listen to the loud munching of popcorn and buzzing of cell phones sounds like a dream come true. With a few purchases, the vision of a home theatre can become a reality. If you’re ready to create the ultimate home movie theatre, here are the essential items you’re going to need.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the first thing you’re going to need is a high-end projector. If you want to get that authentic theatre feeling, a TV screen won’t do the trick. Projectors can range anywhere from $200 to almost $3,000 depending on the brand and the machine’s capabilities. Before buying a projector, decide what kind of picture quality you want and if you’re interested in having the ability to connect gaming systems as well. An HD 1080p projector can cost you as little as $500, but if you make the jump to 4k, it could be as much as $1,800.

Home Set Up?

Home Set Up?


A great alternative to a traditional Blu-Ray player is a desktop computer. While it might cost a little bit more, you will have the capability to stream and rent movies online. If you’re a bit more tech savvy, you could torrent an impressive movie collection. Having a desktop computer hooked up to your projector opens the door to things like YouTube, twitch, and so much more. Why waste hundreds of dollars on disks when you can own digital copies of all your favorite movies instead?

Projector Screen

If you spend $1,800 on a 4k projector, but you set it up with a plain white bed sheet, don’t expect excellent results. If you want to see in perfect 4k conditions, you need a screen to match the quality of your projector. Depending on the size, a high-end projector screen typically won’t cost you more than $200. A fixed display is the best option for viewing quality and convenience; drop down screens tend to warp and bend overtime, and there’s no need for a portable tripod screen if you don’t plan on moving your home movie set-up to different locations.


When you watch a movie like Dunkirk, you need to hear the steady roar coming from the engines of the RAF Spitfires as they glide across the screen. Bose offers an incredible surround sound speaker set up that will have you feeling like you’re right there in the movie scene. Line your walls with speakers just like at the movie theatre for an authentic experience.

A massive screen!

A massive screen!


Perhaps the best part of creating a customized home theatre is the seating. Rather than being stuck in a dated foam seat with plastic armrests, you can install a state of the art couch or multiple lazy boy chairs. Websites like offer a wide variety of luxury home theatre seating for incredibly reasonable prices. However, if you don’t want to break the bank on seating, you can always keep it casual with a standard couch. A set of papasan chairs is an excellent alternative to a row of expensive recliners if you’re trying to build your home theatre on a budget.

Popcorn Machine

A trip to the movies isn’t an authentic experience without a big tub of popcorn. Traditional popcorn machines add a certain level of aesthetic appeal and accouterment. With a home popcorn machine, you can gorge yourself on fluffy, golden popcorn without having to sweat the insane prices at the theatre.

Black Felt

Have you ever noticed how dark it tends to get in movie theatres? That’s because the projector won’t work very well if there’s any natural or unnatural lighting in the same room. If the room you plan to set your home theatre up in has any window(s), you’re going to need some black felt to block out the light. Blackout roller shades are a great alternative and slightly more appealing to the eye if you want your home theatre room to be multi-purpose.

Now stop wasting money at AMC and start making your home theatre dreams come true!

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