Callum Has Ranked The MCU

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I can’t help it. Every time I watch this film, throughout the whole two hours, I have the biggest, cheesiest smile on my face. I love this film! I can’t get enough of it. When I go to see a summer blockbuster this is what I want. It’s new and fresh, also smart, well made and, of course, fun. While it is my favourite MCU film, people may be surprised to hear that I don’t find it that funny. Don’t get me wrong, I laugh quite a bit, but not as often as you’d think and even then, it’s mostly a chuckle. It’s my favourite though, because I find it to be more of a great film than a funny one.

I love the cast and I love the characters – well most of them, Ronan’s a poor villain. But we’re used to that by now. Star Lord is a character I could follow for many films to come. Chris Pratt is my go to actor for adventure and comedy films. James Gunn brings his style to the film with some amazing sets and costumes. I’m almost jealous of Knowhere, I wish I could come up with a setting as creative as that! Binding all of this together is the best written script of the entire MCU. As a story it is told perfectly.

I ride the emotions in this film. It all builds up to an end that doesn’t disappoint. The Walkman was a stroke of genius. Gunn’s choice of music is a good one – it’s the kind of music I listen to myself, so maybe I’m bias there. Not only do we get good music, but it has a reason for being in the film. Not only that but it can be worked into some scenes with creative results. I don’t see it as the new Star Wars, but it does make me feel how I’m sure audiences did when they first saw Star Wars many decades ago. It’s a film I recommend to anybody. I’d never have thought that a film that features a talking raccoon and a living tree with the voice of Vin Diesel would become one of my favourite superhero films.

But here we are.

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