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Dan will watch just about any film he can get his hands on. His ultimate goal is to see all of the films, but for now he's happy obsessing over anything with a brilliant script and/or well executed violence.

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If your day begins with you crying in your car, in the car park at work, maybe the best thing to do is turn

At Eternity’s Gate: The BRWC Review

There can be few names so famous as Vincent Van Gogh, the influential post-impressionist painter known best either for his painting of Sunflowers, or

The Hole In The Ground

A spider scuttles towards the freedom of an Irish forest from the garden of new homeowner Sarah and her son Chris. Promising spine tingles

The Foundation Of Criminal Excellence

A dog is barking, and a garishly dressed man crouches conspicuously by his gate waiting for him to stop. Oskars Rupenheits’ debut feature follows

one cut of the dead

It is a strange feeling to be utterly thrown by a film. Some films, admittedly, might set out to wrong foot their viewers –