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Dan will watch just about any film he can get his hands on. His ultimate goal is to see all of the films, but for now he's happy obsessing over anything with a brilliant script and/or well executed violence.

The Foundation Of Criminal Excellence

A dog is barking, and a garishly dressed man crouches conspicuously by his gate waiting for him to stop. Oskars Rupenheits’ debut feature follows

one cut of the dead

It is a strange feeling to be utterly thrown by a film. Some films, admittedly, might set out to wrong foot their viewers –

The Old Man And The Gun

An old man walks into a bank and asks to open an account. When asked what kind of account he would like to open,

Review: Punchline

Sexist, backhanded compliments are a sure-fire way to impress a woman in 2018; a sentiment that Punchline relishes in tearing apart. A woman’s basketball

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

Colin Burstead (Neil Maskell) is getting ready for a party. As the film’s title suggests, it’s New Year’s Eve, and Colin has rented a