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Rudie Obias lives in Brooklyn, New York. He’s a writer and editor who is interested in cinema, pop culture, music, NBA basketball, science fiction, and web culture. His work can be found at IGN, Fandom, TV Guide, Metacritic, Yahoo!, Battleship Pretension, Mashable, Mental Floss, and of course, BRWC.


Marmalade: Review Telling a good story is key to a good movie. It’s obvious. However, when a good story is paired with good storytelling, then

Molli And Max In The Future: Review

Molli And Max In The Future: Review. Over the last 25 years or so, the romantic comedy has been dying a slow death. From the

Create or Die, documentary

Dedicating your life to art isn’t easy, especially when your ambitions outreach your talent. But, there’s something admirable about failing again and again just

Lili Simmons in 'Double Down South'

After winning an Academy Award for Best Screenplay for Dead Poets Society in 1990, filmmaker Tom Schulman has found a lot of success in

I.S.S. (2024)

The space thriller is a movie genre that certainly has its highs, like Gravity, The Martian, and Alien and lows, like Life, Passengers, and