Rowan Malyon
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A born and raised Londoner who likes movies far too much. I’m a freelance film critic, hoping to become a qualified teacher soon. I believe Jurassic Park is the best film ever made and will write an essay for anyone who disagrees.

Ladies And Gentlemen: Review

By Rowan Malyon. This unique little film says a lot with very few words. A finalist in the Best Editing category at the 2020 Oregon

For Your Consideration: Review

By Rowan Malyon. A much-needed film for our time, For Your Consideration builds a wonderfully pithy satirical narrative about the problems with the 21st century

The Pool: Review

By Rowan Malyon. If you think you can guess how this story will unfold just from its description, then you are in for a series

Stationary: Review

By Rowan Malyon. Shot in perhaps the most constrictive of settings, Stationary follows two old friends with a loaded history who have ended up on

Baby Hers: Review

By Rowan Malyon. Heart-breaking and eye-opening, Susan Rosenzweig proves that a documentary doesn’t need to be lengthy or big budget to get its point across.