Romy Somerset
Romy Somerset 50POSTS

Romy is a freelance production assistant from London who loves all kinds of film. She also loves reading and writing reviews, picking apart all aspects of what makes a movie great! She can’t resist a great thriller or crime film.

Virgin Blacktop: Review

When filmmaker and photojournalist Charlie Samuel was growing up in New York he was part of a crew of young skaters who called themselves

The Gospel According To André: Review

It is refreshing when a documentary that is seemingly about one thing actually becomes something much deeper and more profound. Kate Novack’s latest documentary

a legacy of whining

A Legacy of Whining is directed by its starring actor, Ross Munro, who plays a constantly struggling, self-titled ‘thespian’ called Mitch. When Mitch decides

Review: Eazy Meets

Eazy Meets is a short film by first time director Grace Williams. This horror/drama short follows a fairly ordinary married couple, Richard and Molly.

Dead To The World: Review

Dead to the World, a short film directed by Freddie Hall, is the humorous story of three people brought together in unforeseen circumstances, all