Romy Somerset
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Romy is a freelance production assistant from London who loves all kinds of film. She also loves reading and writing reviews, picking apart all aspects of what makes a movie great! She can’t resist a great thriller or crime film.


Irish filmmaker Kate Dolan challenges gender stereotypes and the ‘revenge film’ formula with her new horror short Catcalls. Based on her own experience when

BAFTA Short Review: The Blue Door

When thinking of a short horror film, one might imagine the directors cramming as many in-your-face scares as possible into what little time they

The Field: BAFTA Short Review

India is known for its rich, vibrant colours and stunning nature, so it is not surprising that a film shot there would be a

Dave Made A Maze

When Dave’s girlfriend Annie returns home from a weekend away, she finds that her boyfriend has passed the time by building a seemingly pointless cardboard fort

I Am Paul Walker

The latest addition to Adrian Buitenhuis’s ‘I AM…’ series provides an intimate look at the life of Paul Walker, the Hollywood actor who was