Romy Somerset
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Romy is a freelance production assistant from London who loves all kinds of film. She also loves reading and writing reviews, picking apart all aspects of what makes a movie great! She can’t resist a great thriller or crime film.

WE ARE THE WEIRDOS Review: Inseyed

Inseyed is an impressive animated short film, made by then-student of the School of Visual Arts Jessica Hudak. A woman hears strange noises in

#eatpretty: WE ARE THE WEIRDOS Review

There is something inherently menacing about a person who appears, on the outside, to be completely perfect, almost maniacally in control, but who occasionally

WE ARE THE WEIRDOS Review: Blood Runs Down

Visual artist Zandashe Brown takes inspiration from gothic horror and classic maternal thrillers for her new short, Blood Runs Down. Single mother, Elize, gets

Cerulia: WE ARE THE WEIRDOS Review

In her intricate animation short, Cerulia, director Sofia Carrillo explores the effect that our childhood memories have on our present lives. When Cerulia is


After putting her young daughter to bed, a mother starts to become paranoid that there is something else in the room with her. The