Romy Somerset
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Romy is a freelance production assistant from London who loves all kinds of film. She also loves reading and writing reviews, picking apart all aspects of what makes a movie great! She can’t resist a great thriller or crime film.

The Lady From 406

In a vast apartment complex in Korea, a resident is displeased with the cigarette smoke which seeps through a vent in her bathroom from

WE ARE THE WEIRDOS Review: Inseyed

Inseyed is an impressive animated short film, made by then-student of the School of Visual Arts Jessica Hudak. A woman hears strange noises in

#eatpretty: WE ARE THE WEIRDOS Review

There is something inherently menacing about a person who appears, on the outside, to be completely perfect, almost maniacally in control, but who occasionally

WE ARE THE WEIRDOS Review: Blood Runs Down

Visual artist Zandashe Brown takes inspiration from gothic horror and classic maternal thrillers for her new short, Blood Runs Down. Single mother, Elize, gets

Cerulia: WE ARE THE WEIRDOS Review

In her intricate animation short, Cerulia, director Sofia Carrillo explores the effect that our childhood memories have on our present lives. When Cerulia is