Romy Somerset
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Romy is a freelance production assistant from London who loves all kinds of film. She also loves reading and writing reviews, picking apart all aspects of what makes a movie great! She can’t resist a great thriller or crime film.

Review: Hold Me Down

Inspired by true events, Hold Me Down is the heart-breaking depiction of a day in the life of Chastity, a young single mother who


Entanglement begins with a bleakly comic montage of Ben, our protagonist’s failed suicide attempts. His most recent effort was interrupted by a knock at the

A Caribbean Dream

You might think that every Shakespeare play has been adapted, remoulded and reimagined in almost every way possible, however ‘A Caribbean Dream’ offers a

This Beautiful Fantastic

If you were looking for a film that will have you hanging off the edge of your seat, gripped from start to finish, then

Disney The Lion King

It is difficult to think of a franchise that has been as iconic in the 21st century as Disney, and it seems there is no