Nasu Nguyen 6POSTS

Nasu blossomed a passion for the art of film ever since he was involved with the media arts pathway at his high school. He started to gain an utmost respect for the medium of filmmaking.

Here Are The Young Men: Review

They say high school is some of the best years of your life filled with a litany of excitement and joy. Most of the

PVT Chat: Review

PVT Chat tells the tale of Jack, an online blackjack gambler in the city of New York who often spends his money on cam

Beyond Driven: Review

Beyond Driven tells the story of Lella Lombardi, former butcher’s delivery driver and ex Formula 3 Championship runner up who became the first, and


By Nasu Nguyen. Papicha takes place during the late 90s in Algeria, a time where the country was in a civil war against radical Islamic

Elodie: Review

By Nasu Nguyen. Following an embarrassing public performance, actress and playwright Sabrina Stone is led into the world of her own writing by Elodie, one