Naseem Ally
Naseem Ally 22POSTS

Naseem is an avid filmgoer. He is an actor and writer. Some of his favourite films are Scarface, Batman The Dark Knight and Capernaum. Within the next five years he wants to write a play for The Royal Court Theatre or be cast in Quentin Tarantino's 10th and final flick; whichever comes first!

A Serial Killer's Guide To Life

'A Serial Killer's Guide To Life' is the 2020 film written and directed by Staten Cousins Roe, that centres around 'Lou', a self-help addict

Naseem's BRWC Best Films Of 2019

2019 has been a great year for film and what better way to celebrate the closing of the year, then reflecting on the brilliant

Ernesto's Manifesto

Ernesto's Manifesto is a heartwarming feature film starring Fernando Hidalgo, that centres around his character Ernesto, a charming, humble man who is doing his

Malou BRWC 2

'Malou' is a short film inspired by true events. It follows a young, passionate dancer by the name of Malou, who is absolutely tenacious

Serious Tingz

'Serious Tingz' is a micro-short film from director Abdou Cisse that paints a picture of his personal experience of growing up in South London,