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Matt is an American who has grown up for passion for film and its empathetic powers to tell unique stories (especially in the science fiction sphere). Some of his favorites include Inside Llewyn Davis, Her, Goodfellas, Frances Ha and Moonlight.


Social media’s superficial embrace of confectionery realities often dominates millennial’s attention, as well as garnering the interest of some well-tuned filmmakers. Indie efforts like

The King Of Staten Island

Comedic directors rarely morph into established auteurs in modern cinema, yet Judd Apatow has accomplished just that with his storied career. Along with producing

The Last Days Of American Crime

Auteur directors leave their distinct stamp on every endeavor they’re attached to, injecting their stylistic flavor in a movie that becomes synonymous with their

The Vast Of Night

With high-concept science fiction narratives seldom getting the spotlight in mainstream cinema, some directors have focused on re-living the genre’s glory days by harkening

the high note

The music industry’s complex marriage between artistic expression and business intentions has been ripe for cinematic exploration, with crowd-pleasing vehicles like A Star is