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Mark is an Australian who likes movies, a lot. Now he studies and writes about them. Will watch anything Scorsese has ever touched.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train

Some of the biggest movie news all of last year slipped right in at the end without much fuss or fanfare, and for good

Ghost: Review

Indie filmmakers are some of the bravest entrepreneurs of all. And when I say indie, I mean the most indie of indie, the ones

High Ground

In Australia’s Northern Territory in 1919, a group of Australian frontier servicemen advance on a camp of Aboriginal men and women peacefully going about

The Dig: The BRWC Review

Countless moments make up the grand expanse of time, many of them little, a select few exceptionally large. Some are so monumental that they

The Midnight Sky movie 2020

The Midnight Sky: Another Review - The best space films tell us more about ourselves than anything else. Space itself is too unknown, too