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Jack first started reviewing films when he was four years old and went on to his mum about how the ending of Snow White was shit. He is now very pleased to be able to share his knowledge of film and culture here at BRWC.


Promise opens with Hajar (Lara Sawalha), a young middle-eastern woman, arriving at the house of Sarah (Rebecca Callard) and Abe (Nabil Elouahabi), a couple

The Silent Child

2018's Oscar winning short film.  Reposted from January this year, as part of #BRWC10. From the start, it's not immediately obvious what The Silent Child is about.


Christopher Nolan’s Inception was hard to avoid following its release in 2010. People lined up in their droves to see it, while critics continuously

#NYAFF 2018: Tears Of The Black Tiger

It's no wonder why Tears of the Black Tiger is a cult favourite. A product of the Thai New Wave movement of the late nineties

#NYAFF2018: An In-Depth Look At The New York Asian Film Festival

The curtain is about to go up on one of the biggest celebrations of one of the most daring and diverse corners of the film