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Jack first started reviewing films when he was four years old and went on to his mum about how the ending of Snow White was shit. He is now very pleased to be able to share his knowledge of film and culture here at BRWC.

8 Things You May Have Forgotten About X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Those who haven't died the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (SPOILER ALERT) end up with no memory of all the events that have just

Escape From Tomorrow

Writer/Director Randy Moore’s Escape from Tomorrow was shot on location at Disney World in Florida without permission – a decision that gives the film

Heavy Rain

The makers of Heavy Rain say their aims with the film are to portray “the hard hitting realities of a troubled relationship” and to


The film adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ watershed graphic novel Watchmen was first mooted shortly after its publication in 1985. Terry Gilliam


The Dragonfly Prince despaired. No sooner had he emerged from his chrysalis, transformed from an uncertain and confused youth into his new, assured, confident