Jack Hawkins
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Jack is a film and history writer based in south London. He’s interested in films from every genre and every era, but his favourite work comes from the auteurs of New Hollywood.

Judas And The Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah is a solid biopic of Fred Hampton and the conspiracy that killed him. Over two hours, Shaka King’s film

Rams: Review

Back in 2015, Icelandic director Grímur Hákonarson won the Prix Un Certain Regard with his film Rams, which impressed critics with its dry humour,


Cup of Cheer is a film from the Naked Gun school of comedy, with gags coming thick and fast. There’s a strong serving of


Craig Fairbrass has long established himself as a hardman amongst hardmen, stealing scene after scene with his bristling intensity. Muscle, the third film from

Make Up: Review

Make Up is a realist British drama with an aberrant psychological edge. It brings to mind The War Zone with its isolation and atmosphere,