Fergus Henderson
Fergus Henderson 19POSTS


Fergus is a film and lit grad based in and from Edinburgh. He is motivated by a desire to explore the world’s cultures as much as possible while he’s on said world. Catch him fawning over the latest Criterion releases and playing his guitar.

Connect: Review

In the opening moments of Marilyn Edmond’s directorial debut Connect, an unidentified man wills himself off the side of a cliff in North Berwick.

Beanpole: BRWC LFF Review

Russia’s national cinema is paradoxically infamous for both its chilly austerity and its wild expressivity. When it comes to making solemn cinematic allegories for

The Go-Between (1971): DVD Review

The inevitable Downton Abbey film has finally arrived, which means it’s the perfect time to examine perhaps the best of that breed of British

Tomorrow, Maybe

Tomorrow, Maybe Independent films are usually tightly budgeted affairs, often a new director’s first real stab at long form cinema. Sometimes this means that they

Mari: The BRWC Review

Mari At the start of Mari, written and directed by Georgia Parris, we witness an extraordinary, kinetic dance sequence, the kind that reminds you of