Fergus Henderson
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Fergus is a film and lit grad based in and from Edinburgh. He is motivated by a desire to explore the world’s cultures as much as possible while he’s on said world. Catch him fawning over the latest Criterion releases and playing his guitar.

The Fanatic: The BRWC Review

The Fanatic: The BRWC Review - When it was announced last year that Fred Durst, of Limp Bizkit infamy, was about to release a


Davie, a cocky wee man from Dundee, gets his leg mashed by a local tough whose fiancé he’s just recently slept with. With that

A Paris Education: Review

Sometimes there are certain films that are just indefinably right for certain points in a person’s life. For a certain type of film nerd

Brotherhood: Review

In Meryam Joobeur’s Oscar nominated short Brotherhood, the heavy and ingrained dynamics of family exact a tragic toll. Set over the course of several fraught

Nefta Football Club

Nefta Football Club Along the border between Tunisia and Algeria, two young brothers encounter a donkey. The donkey is wearing headphones, and it carries a