Fergus Henderson
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Fergus is a film and lit grad based in and from Edinburgh. He is motivated by a desire to explore the world’s cultures as much as possible while he’s on said world. Catch him fawning over the latest Criterion releases and playing his guitar.


Anhedonia, named after the depressive’s inability to enjoy things they once did, lives up to its name. It follows miserabalist musician Kino (Liam Blundell)

Eyes And Prize

It is hard to say what Oliver Cane’s feature debut Eyes and Prize is actually about. Its story is kept entirely within the walls

Lydia Rui’s short film ‘This Perfect Day’

In Lydia Rui’s short film ‘This Perfect Day’, a young person enters a music shop for unclear reasons while their girlfriend waits in a car

At The Drive-In: Review

Cinema is the healthiest it has been in years. In the age of streaming people are still making the trip. It will never, however,

Electric Love: Review

A lot of people are very worried about the future of romance. They worry that true connection is impossible, too slow and time consuming.