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Daniel is a Sydney-based writer and filmmaker. He likes to think of himself as a man of letters - mostly of the furious, "to the editor" variety.

Paris Is In Harlem: Review

Paris Is In Harlem: Slamdance Review. By Daniel Pollock. Music heals, but wounds can be deep - is that a fair assessment for Christina

Retrograde: Slamdance Review

Retrograde: Slamdance Review. By Daniel Pollock. Debuting at Slamdance this year, Retrograde is an exercise in austerity; it shows how much you can achieve

Butter: Review

Butter: Review. By Daniel Pollock. When it comes to a market as crowded as the high school movie, I feel that to successfully produce

Colors Of Heaven: Review

Colors Of Heaven: Review. By Daniel Pollock. Celebrating a recently passed ten year anniversary, the award-winning Colors of Heaven has seen a slight resurgence