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Dan is a freelance film critic who hopes to encourage people to venture outside of their comfort zone and try out different movies. He is a proud supporter of independent cinema, but will give pretty much anything a try.


‘One Bedroom’ is the new feature film from writer/director Darien Sills-Evans. The comedian also stars in the film alongside Devin Nelson as our two

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Horror as a genre has evolved a great deal over the years, perhaps more than any other. Sure, on the face of it, the

What Happened To Evie

This new short film from director Kate Cheeseman (Roadkiller, Love Somehow) follows the young character of Evie, the new girl at school, who one

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In many ways, it’s much tougher for a short film to achieve its emotional goal than that of a feature film. The director has


Vika Evdokimenko’s BAFTA nominated short film ‘Aamir’ follows a 13-year-old boy fleeing his home and family in Iraq, only to find himself in one