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Dan is a freelance film critic who hopes to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. He hopes to soon publish his first book and is a proud supporter of independent cinema.

Time: BRWC LFF Review

Fox Richardson’s husband, Rob, has been in prison for over twenty years for attempted armed robbery (which Fox was also involved in). Nobody has

Supernova: The BRWC LFF Review

Hankies at the ready… Supernova, director Harry Macqueen’s follow-up to 2014 debut Hinterland, is a heartfelt and deeply affecting look at one couple coming to


Siberia: The BRWC LFF Review - Veteran filmmaker Abel Ferrara’s latest film (his sixth collaboration with Willem Dafoe) is every bit as strange as

The Painter And The Thief

Norwegian filmmaker Benjamin Ree’s new documentary is a small story with a big heart, which follows artist Barbora Kysilkova as she forms a fascinating

Mogul Mowgli: The BRWC LFF Review

Bassam Tariq’s new film (his first since 2013 documentary These Birds Walk) is clearly a passion project for both its director and its star,