Dan Barnes
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Dan is a freelance film critic who hopes to encourage people to venture outside of their comfort zone and try out different movies. He is a proud supporter of independent cinema, but will give pretty much anything a try.

Earthquake Bird

Earthquake Bird Wash Westmoreland's Tokyo-based thriller, Earthquake Bird, has all the right ingredients, but lacks the elements required to make for anything other than a

A Hidden Life

A Hidden Life Terrence Malick is a filmmaker who never fails to inspire debate. His films, while aesthetically pleasing, are often just impressionistic enough to

Official Secrets

Official Secrets: BRWC LFF Review Gavin Hood’s extraordinary Eye in the Sky was one of the great surprises of 2015; a remarkably tense yet thought-provoking

Marriage Story: BRWC LFF Review

Marriage Story: BRWC LFF Review. Noah Baumbach’s exquisite tale of a marriage falling apart is a ruthless, moving and compassionate study of real people dealing

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Last year’s Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, from director Morgan Neville, touched the hearts of millions of Americans with its intimate and moving look