Ben Hooper
Ben Hooper 63POSTS

Having previously written for Junxion17 and The Big Issue, Ben is now a film PR & Marketing Manager. When he's not watching or working on movies, Ben plays guitar in his band Ghosts As Alibis.


Benjamin: The BRWC Review ‘What’s your film about?’ ‘How I’m unable to love.’ So Benjamin blurts to a French singer with whom he may be falling in

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Romance Catherine Breillat's sexually-explicit French drama gets a hi-def re-release. Frustrated by the lack of intimacy and affection in her relationship, schoolteacher Marie (Caroline Ducey) explores

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Following the death of her best friend Grace, Aubrey (Virginia Gardner, Halloween) breaks into her vacant apartment to feed the pets and immerse herself in

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Actor Danny Morgan turns his hand to directing with this 10-minute short that sees a young couple try to reignite their sex life after

Ikarie XB 1

The original Czech version of Jindřich Polák’s 1963 sci-fi gets a hi-definition re-release through Second Run. It’s 2163 and the starship Ikarie XB 1 dives