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A film critic on Cambridge radio, proud Co-host of Sudden Double Deep: The Triple Bill Title Podcast, and a huge fan of all things film! Ben has an obsession with Japanese and South Korean cinema as well as a big soft spot for all thing David Lynch and Paul Thomas Anderson.

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As soon as this movie began in the packed Cambridge Arts Picturehouse last night I started to smile because I could feel that I

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I have been obsessively thinking about this film since I saw it two days ago and only now do I feel fully prepared to

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In this modern world of dating apps and disposable relationships it is not uncommon to find yourself victim to people playing games. Although this

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This film has all the tropes you would come to expect from a modern zombie movie. It has an unexpected, and largely unexplained, outbreak

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Over the years we have seen Casey Affleck develop from Ben Affleck's goofy little Brother to a brooding and brilliant screen presence and I