Alex Purnell
Alex Purnell 18POSTS

Alex is a massive film nerd with a soft spot for 70's film and Korean cinema. His favourites include Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Warriors, Thirst and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

Summerland: Review

Summerland: Review - Award-winning playwright Jessica Swale’s directorial debut is heart-wrenching yet light, a much needed warm story for these chaotic times. As cinema’s nationwide

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This easy on the eyes romantic tale set in idyllic Norway feels like an unfinished painting, directionless and skeletal. The Sunlit Night starts off on

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A Portrait of a Rocker: B Side In a dimly lit bar at 2 am, an overzealous music executive gives an opportunity of a lifetime

Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway

In the current cultural climate, there’s been a growing resurgence of nostalgic-driven media, be it in music, film or television. With this being said,

The Ghost Of Peter Sellers

The Ghost Of Peter Sellers: Review - There’s something gripping about a shipwreck.  Ghost in the Noonday Sun is an uncomplete 1973 film directed by