Alex Purnell
Alex Purnell 19POSTS

Alex is a massive film nerd with a soft spot for 70's film and Korean cinema. His favourites include Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Warriors, Thirst and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

Cult: Review

Director Luke Ibbeston’s feature debut is funny yet disturbing, a whimsical mockumentary with a distinctly British charm. Reminiscent of Louis Theroux’s The Most Hated Family

Ghabe: Review

In the 21st Century, the refugee crisis has caused a chasm of debate, a humanitarian disaster is underway as asylum seekers escape their war-torn

blackbird film

Set against clinically white backdrops of a contemporary house out in the sticks, Blackbird’s topic of death is tragic yet beautiful. A remake of

Rag Doll: Review

Director Bailey Kobe brings us a woman power drama about a young MMA fighter training for an upcoming fight. Unfortunately, Rag Doll doesn’t deliver

She Dies Tomorrow: The BRWC Review

A beautifully profound film, She Dies Tomorrow takes enormous pleasure in its solemn approach to mortality. The anxiety which one gets before delivering an important