Light, Camera, Action: A Tribute To The Best Comedies And Casino Films Made In History!

Light, Camera, Action: A Tribute to the Best Comedies and Casino Films Made in History!

Light, Camera, Action: A Tribute to the Best Comedies and Casino Films Made in History!

Movies always fancy us; some of them make us think while some make us roll on the ground with laughter. There are many slapstick comedy movies out there that have made us out of breath and cried out of laughter.

There are darker shades to comedy where the film’s inner meaning is depicted in a humorous yet knowledgeable way.

Like comedy movies, gambling is the next theme we would look in any cinema for hair raising and nail-biting experience.

Looking at this century, there are several movies that shook the industry’s baseline so far, which you might not know. 

In the following article, we have gathered many comedies that have ranked the best with some exemplary casino comedy movies.


Parasite is known for its dark-themed comedy and has won Oscar for best film in 2019 for its explicit content. The movie takes us in a roller coaster ride where a low-income family, invades a wealthy family using their wits. 

The movie’s scenes make us sit back and think our role as a social person and role in the society.

Due to its mix of slapstick comedy and dark genre, the movie holds many perspectives like burlesque and thriller. It makes the audience criticize the social norms and increases the actors’ enthusiastic approach to make the film exclusively unique. 

This was the main reason why the movie, Parasite, was pushed beyond the standard wall of comedy movies. 

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

The comedy movie, by Quentin Tarantino that released in 2019 has won many awards. The background is- Rick, a pale- lighted actor, and Cliff, his stunt double is struggling to live as famed actors.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick and Brad Pitt as Clif Booth observe that Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski live next door. 

Margot Robbie as Sharon and Rafal Zawierucha as Roman, the movie mix scenes where Pitt wins the supporting actor award.

“Thor: Ragnarok”

The red-capped eldest son of Odin, master of thunder and lightning, Thor is one of the strongest Avengers.

Ragnarok is a masterpiece created by Taika Waititi. He comprised a brilliant artwork, colors, and humor to make it amazing. Ragnarok captures Thor and imprison him on Sakaar, and later struggles himself to free Asgard from his evil sister. 

The movie is known as a comedy when Hulk comes to partner with Thor to help him save his land. 

The funny buddy relationship between the pairs makes the film very appealing to any Avenger or Marvel fans. 

Casino Themed Comedy Movies

We have seen three of the century’s best comedy films, we now will look at the casino themed comedy films. 

Casinos and gambling are a pure entertainment platform where you can win money if you win and have got skills. From 1990s, casinos, and gambling themes have been a massive part of the comedy movie industry and attracted many players.

The movies related to the casino are one of the main reasons why punters all across the globe love gambling. 

There are films about the casino theme, but here we will discuss casino themed comedy movies ever made in history. 

1. Uncut Gems

 Acting Adam Sandler, known for fantastic comedy movies made in his career history, is the main protagonist in the film. The character, Howard Ratner, Sandler, portrays a gambling addict who is also a jeweller in the movie.

Due to his fantastic acting skills and light script, the movie reached much height and is marked under dark comedy.

The movie is replete with motifs of casinos and gambling. It might even inspire some to gamble online on safe sites like and try their luck.

 The best moment was when his adorning fans thought he could pave the film into an Oscar-winner. 

2. Let it Ride

Produced in the year 1989, the movie portraying a gambler’s life where the script follows a gambling addict Jay Trotter. Acted by Richard Dreyfuss, Trotter wins horse race betting at in his losing game that made him believe in himself.

The positive comments he received on this auspicious day made him move forward to make more bets and gamble. 

We observe hilarious moments by other film members like David Johansen, Teri Garr, and Jennifer Tilly makes a huge part. This movie is known as one of the best movies ever made in casino-themed comedy movies.

Light, Camera, Action: A Tribute to the Best Comedies and Casino Films Made in History!
Light, Camera, Action: A Tribute to the Best Comedies and Casino Films Made in History!

Light, Camera, Action: A Tribute to the Best Comedies and Casino Films Made in History!

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