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Movies That Became Popular Casino Games – If you’re a movies fanatic and at the same time love online slot machines, this post will certainly give you a thrill. Here are some movies that became popular online casino slot games. 

Terminator 2

The classic sci-fi film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, is a blockbuster film. No wonder its online casino slot game is also entertaining, and the bonus rounds are so adrenaline-filled that it’s hard to stop. 

Terminator 2
Terminator 2

If you’re a low-risk bettor, then the Terminator 2 slots may be best suited for you. Even though there are 243 ways to win in this 5-reel game, plus 1,024 ways to win during the bonus round, do not expect huge jackpots, remember that low-risk games do not come with big jackpot prizes. 

How to play Terminator 2

The reels are composed of the Terminator 2 characters such as Sarah Connor, John Connor, T-800, T-1000, and the Terminator. If you want to boost your chances of winning, you should aim for the T-800 and T-1000 icons. The T-1000 transforms into another character for bigger chances of large payouts. While the T-800 Vision Game is randomly activated during consecutive bad spins (which is a generous act, they say). You can play Terminator 2 slots using your mobile phone, whether it’s Android or Apple, and using your desktop or a laptop as well.

If you love the movie Terminator 2, you will love the robotic aspect of this slot machine game developed by Microgaming. It’s jam-packed with special effects and background music inspired by the movies, and this is to make sure that players are well-entertained throughout the game. 

  • Payline: 30 Paylines
  • Minimum Bet: 0.30
  • Maximum Bet: 30
  • Jackpot: 88,000 coins
  • Ways to Win: 243 winning combinations, 1024 ways to win during the jackpot round
  • Play on Desktop and Mobile Phone: YES
  • RTP Review: 96.62%

This casino game and the next games can all be played at Canadian online casinos read more.


When you love the ancient coliseums of the Gladiator movie, you will surely be amazed by the graphics and entertainment factor of its slot machine counterpart. When it comes to the animations, soundtracks, and presentation, Platin Gaming did an excellent job of capturing the Gladiator movies feel. 


How to play Gladiator

The Ancient Rome inspired slot game has symbols like a gladiator, colosseum, gladiator helmet, tiger, and horses. You should be happy when you see two crossed swords because it’s the scatter pay. The bonus symbol is the gate of a colosseum’s wall. What also will make you happy is the Roman Lady because it’s the wild symbol.

Like Terminator 2, it is considered a low to medium risk slot machine game with five reels and 20 paylines you can choose from. In one round, you can win multiple times by landing cascading symbols plus a multiplier reaching 5x. In addition, there are ten free spins during the bonus round and scatter pays.

The Gladiator online slots game can be enjoyed and played using your desktop, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.

  • Payline and Stakes: 20 paylines
  • Minimum Bet: 1
  • Maximum Bet: 10
  • Jackpot: 5,000 coins
  • Play on Desktop and Mobile Phone: YES
  • RTP Review: 94.1%


The original 1978 film directed by John Carpenter found its way to the slot machine, thanks to Microgaming software. It’s one of the most successful horror stories in the cinemas, so gambler’s expectations are high in the game’s outcome. 

Microgaming exceeded the user’s expectations because it’s a masterpiece. It’s one of the favorite online slots because of its unique set-up. The killer theme has accurate references from the movie and, at the same time, has an entertaining experience.

How to play Halloween Slots

The background of the game is the ever-popular porch of the Strode family. On its reels are images of the movies main characters plus iconic objects that Halloween fanatics will surely organize. But the creepiest part is the audio clips excerpted from the film itself. Hit a win with the designated character, and you’ll hear their iconic lines. 

The game has a free spin, no deposit option, so you can get a real feel of the game without spending actual cash. Of course, our friends from Microgaming made sure it’s compatible to play Halloween slots on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The five-reel game with 50 variable paylines has thematic symbols like a ball of yarn, telephone, clown mask, a matchbox, knife, and gun. These symbols belong to the lower value, while those belonging in the bigger payouts are the four main characters of the movies: Annie, Lynda, Loomis, and Laurie.

Another notable touch added to the game is the Trick or Treat wheel bonus part to host the special features. During the game, you’ll enjoy the free spins and the Boogeyman Bonus as well. 

During the Boogeyman bonus mini-game, you need to turn over leaves so you can collect prizes. However, avoid hitting the Boogeyman because this will end the game, and you go home with a small prize. You can use the knives to protect yourself from the Boogeyman, so you’ll have more chances to collect the prize and win a bonus.

  • Payline: 50
  • Minimum Bet: 50
  • Maximum Bet: 200
  • Jackpot: 1,500 coins
  • Play on Desktop and Mobile Phone: YES
  • RTP Review: 96.2%

The Goonies

Steven Spielberg’s famous film The Goonies can now be played in online slot games thanks to Blueprint Gaming. The story surrounds a group of friends trying to stop the foreclosure of property against a prominent developer. Then they found a treasure map and started a wild adventure to seek for the lost fortune. The film’s storyline thrilled the casino players as they embarked on their treasure hunt to win big prizes with The Goonies slots.

In the game’s background, you can see the treasure map of One-Eyed Willy, which has gold coins scattered around it. You may see symbols like pirate-themed stuff, One-Eyed Willy himself plus some of the film’s main characters. Also, the dramatic soundtrack, interactive features, and bonus games sparked the interest of many players.

How to play The Goonies

The Goonies slots game has 20 paylines and five reels, accompanied by many bonus features. The Dabloon is the wild symbol that must be used on the 20 paylines to win. There are also other wild symbols in the game, like the Truffle Shuffle, Medallion, Colossal, Super Sloth, Goonie, and Inferno.

For more surprises and big prizes while playing The Goonies slots watch out for other symbols aside from the wild icons. The wise pirate One-Eyed Willy is a character that randomly appears during the game. Watch out for crossbones pirates and skulls to trigger the wheel of fortune. 

If you’re in no luck after a spin, there is the Lose Into Win Spin feature where the player can get a cave collapse or scythe reels. This enables the symbols to reset for a winning pattern.

  • Payline: 20
  • Minimum Bet: 0.10
  • Maximum Bet: 200
  • Jackpot: 10,000
  • Play on Desktop and Mobile Phone: YES
  • RTP Review: 96%

Dirty Dancing

Another popular movie that became an online slot game is Dirty Dancing, starring Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. The 80’s film created by Playtech software will make you dance while playing the game. Even the interface will bring you back to the 80’s era because of its outdated look. Regardless, the graphics, musical background, and the Dirty Dancing is nothing but glamour. 

Nostalgia hits hard when playing this slot game. Even the romantic partners truly inspire even the jackpot spins, Johnny and Baby.

How to play Dirty Dancing Slots

Playtech put a tremendous effort into making sure that the game is entertaining and thrilling, thanks to the bonus and wild symbols. It even has 40 paylines, which is seemingly high when it comes to Playtech standards, and as compared to other slot games.

If you haven’t tried the Dirty Dancing slots, you can get a feel of the game thanks to the Free play option. You don’t need to play using actual cash, and you can play so you could master how the game goes. When you feel that you’re ready, you can bet a minimum amount of $0.01, and if you’re feeling brave, you can bet up to $10. 

You can adjust the bet level by looking for the controls on the left side of the reels. Don’t forget to click the arrow so the controls will slide out, then the turbo button while prompt. The animations and sound effects can also be adjusted using the control settings on the left side.

On the right portion of the reels, that’s where you can find the spin button. All you need to do is spin it down, and you can opt to turn on the auto spin features. You may use the auto spin feature until 100 auto spins.

The Dirty Dancing slot has many features, such as the Mambo Free Games, the wild symbols Baby, Penny, and Johnny. The Dancing Wilds are also a nice touch. Lastly, there’s the jackpot game called the Time of My Life, where you can win 1 out of 2 progressive jackpots. In this jackpot game, you need to open boxes to reveal the Baby or Johnny symbols. If you match three symbols, then you win the jackpot. A pro tip, by the way, the Johnny symbols have a bigger jackpot prize.

Overall, the Dirty Dancing slots are entertaining even though it doesn’t have high jackpot winnings. But is it worth playing? It definitely is!

  • Payline: 40 lines
  • Minimum Bet: 0.01
  • Maximum Bet: 10
  • Jackpot: Progressive Jackpot
  • Play on Desktop and Mobile Phone: YES
  • RTP Review: 94.49%

Jurassic World

Another movies inspired slot game is brought to you by Microgaming, the Jurassic World. It was a newly developed game just in 2017, so expect the interface and features are top of the notch. If you’re a dinosaur and adventure lover, this may be the online slot game that will keep you entertained and, at the same time, let you win big prizes.

The earlier versions of the game like the Jurassic Park slots are far different from the Jurassic World slots. It’s not just a remake or slight revision. It’s a whole new prehistoric world of fun and adventure.

How to play Jurassic World Slots

The game has 243 ways to win, five reels, and a 96.67% RTP review. Like all other slot games of Microgaming, it contains scatter symbols, free spins, and wild symbols. The lower value symbols are different dinosaur species, while the higher values are represented by the characters found in the film.

You can enjoy ten free spins from the Creation Lab and Raptor Den. The Cyro wild symbol will freeze upon your third win then disappears. Overall, its multiple features are pure entertainment, even to those who are not dinosaur lovers. 

  • Payline: 243
  • Minimum Bet: 0.30
  • Maximum Bet: 7.20
  • Jackpot: 102,000
  • Ways to Win: 243 ways to win
  • Play on Desktop and Mobile Phone: YES
  • RTP Review: 96.67%


Who hasn’t watched Jumanji? The 1995 box office hit also made its way to the online slot world. It has 36 paylines and five reels. The Jumanji movies board is seen in the background, with details of bookcases, monkeys, and stairs in the corner.


How to play Jumanji Slots

The symbols with lower value are the card icons, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. While the high-paying symbols are the ones, you can see on the Jumanji film such as the rhino, pelican, crocodile, and lion. If a golden wild symbol appears, it will also create extra wins.

Some of the bonus features are the Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem, and Wild Stampede, which have its corresponding free spins and bonuses that await you. It also has scatter symbols that lead to the board game bonus.

It was developed to be compatible with both the desktop and mobile set-up. Like all the other games, it has special features that enable the player to win more. 

  • Payline: 36
  • Minimum Bet: 1
  • Maximum Bet: 10
  • Jackpot: 100,800
  • Play on Desktop and Mobile Phone: YES
  • RTP Review: 96.3%

Movies That Became Popular Casino Games

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