How To Get Into Horror As A Non-Horror Fan This Halloween

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  1. GET OUT (2017)

The newest entry on this list is also one of the most popular. If you haven’t already seen Get Out you’ve likely already heard of it. Jordan Peele’s Oscar winning genre thriller, Get Out tells the story of a young African American photographer who finds himself caught in a trap when he accompanies his white girlfriend home to visit her middle-class liberal parents.

Dealing with themes of race and culture, Get Out is a timely film, proving horror isn’t always just about dumb blondes running away from masked killers.

Far more intelligent than your average horror movie, Get Out also boasts an impressive cast of character actors and is far more concerned with psychological horror that it is jump scares or over the top gory set-pieces. Slowly unravelling as it moves its way towards a somewhat shocking conclusion, it’s a prime example of how the horror genre can be far deeper and more relevant than it is often given credit for.

To the horror novice it offers up a crowd-pleasing and easy way into psychological horror thrillers that often get overlooked when discussing the genre. It was also one of the most popular films of 2017 and is incredibly modern, making it an ideal way in.

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