What Iconic Film Characters Can Teach Us


Sometimes the real world gets a little too much, and we wish we could escape to the fantasy worlds of our favourite films and TV shows. Whilst that might not be possible, and sounds like a movie plot in itself, there are things that we can take away from our beloved film icons that could improve our lives… or simply allow us to have a little more fun.

Wednesday Addams - Erin Stevenson O'Connor

Wednesday Addams – Erin Stevenson O’Connor

Wednesday Addams

Our favourite homicidal maniac has a few lessons to teach. The most important one is to stay true to yourself; Wednesday embraces her love of all things dark and twisty and never lets the people around her influence the choices that she makes. Whether at school, at work, or with family, this is a good life rule to stick to and will make sure that you are living your life the way you want to, instead of following the herd.

James Bond

One of the lessons learned from 007 is to enjoy what you have worked for. After saving the country, Bond is often found in the casino or at the bar. Although we might not be able to afford to go to a brick and mortar casino in a swanky club, we can enjoy some betting online. Bond also always makes sure he has the upper hand, and having a free casino bonus, like free spins, will ensure that you are at the top of your game. You may even dabble in making your own martinis, shaken, not stirred.

Bond - Image via: pexels.com

Bond – Image via: pexels.com


You might not think that there is anything to learn from a 12-foot tall piece of shrubbery. But, Groot is the epitome of caring; he always looks out for his friends and is ready to help them out, no matter what mad idea they come up with, he is always the first to volunteer to help. He also jumps in to defend his best friend when others insult him. Groot is true and loyal and kind, and these are things that we can all try to be in life.

Captain Jack Sparrow

The drunkenness and lack of life-plan is probably something to avoid, but there are lessons we can learn from the world’s ‘worst’ pirate. Firstly, have a code. The morality of Jack Sparrow is admittedly off-kilter but he knows his limits, his rules, and sticks to them. Secondly, to live life spontaneously and enjoy what is around you. We are all guilty of thinking too much about the future, ignoring the people around us and working too hard to enjoy our successes, and maybe being a little bit more like the Captain would benefit us all.

It may seem like movie characters are just there to entertain us, and most of the time they do so excellently, but they are also supposed to reflect the good and bad sides of people. This means that we can take parts of them, and integrate them into our owns lives, and, hopefully, improve them.

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