3 Movies About Winning!

A Simple Plan

Winning big on the lottery or striking it lucky with Bullion Bars slot 2018 sounds fantastic and may end your money worries, especially if you’re still recovering from Christmas excess.  But sometimes coming across huge sums of money doesn’t always mean happiness.  For some examples of what money can do, you should check out these three different films about winning a pile of money.  The outcome has be different…

A Simple Plan

Billy Bob Thornton gave a wonderful performance in this movie set in cold Minnesota.  Loving family man Hank (Bill Paxton) works hard for his home.  But when he, his brother Jacob (Thornton), and their good friend Lou (played by Brent Briscoe) stumble onto a crashed plane in the woods with millions inside, it all kicks off.  They come up with a plan to hide and later split up cash… Bridget Fonda appears as Hank’s wife, and she’s awesome.  Watch this film.  It’s very good.

Slumdog Millionaire

The film begins with protagonist Jamal Malik, played by Skins’ Dev Patel, reaching the final question on India’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  The producers are naturally curious as to how a poor kid from the slums of Mumbai made it this far, and pull him backstage to find out. ‘I knew the answers’ he tells them, and what follows is an account of his life so far, and an explanation for each answer.  Danny Boyle has said that filming in India was like being a director for the first time, and it shows. The joy of filming is obvious, in vibrant, kinetic camera movements through the streets of Mumbai, and a sequence where the boys hitch a ride on top of a train that is simply stunning to watch.

Waking Ned Devine

You’ll love this light-hearted comedy set in Ireland, about what happens when a man from a small village wins the national lottery jackpot. The lucky winner is Ned Devine, whose luck runs out almost instantly, as he dies of shock as soon as he learns of his good fortune. Not wanting the money to “go to waste”, the entire village cooks up a crazy scheme to convince the lottery officials on their way to confirm the results that Ned still lives, so they can keep the money between them. Of course, nothing goes quite according to plan in this delightfully quirky comedy full of unforgettable Irish characters and plenty of laugh out loud scenes.

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