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Hollywood’s influence on casino’s can be traced back to the golden era of the 1930’s. Today it can still be felt at both land and online casinos as they try and replicate the ultimate experience.

Take a look at some of the top casino movies. Although you may never have the suave sophistication of 007 or Danny Ocean (Ocean’s Eleven) thanks to Hollywood’s influence you can still have a slice of that lifestyle. Never has it been so easy to play all your favourite casino games with the rise of online casinos and live dealer games. No longer do you need an expensive suit and an airplane ticket to indulge in the bright lights, sounds and electric atmosphere of a casino. Instead you can use your mobile phone or laptop and enter an Online Casino from anywhere in the world. If you think you’ll miss out on all the fun land casinos have to offer, then you’re wrong.

Thanks to live dealer games players can enjoy live action from a studio or live casino environment interacting with other players and professional croupiers. Players can enjoy the same VIP treatment Hollywood’s A-list gamblers receive by joining a VIP game or lounge. VIP Roulette games are offered by many online casinos including GUTS Casino. Hot blooded gamblers looking for some extra sparkle can also check out Microgaming’s Playboy Live dealer roulette hosted by attractive Playboy Bunnies.



Slot games have also benefited from the Hollywood treatment. Vegas themed slots can now be found on many casino sites. All the bright flashing lights and buzz of Vegas coupled with the thrill of playing classic online slot games. Casino players won’t be surprised to find games based on the latest Hollywood blockbusters including a Game of Thrones themed slot, another nod to Tinsel town.

As we have seen the influence Hollywood has had on the variety games casinos offer and how these games are played, we can now look at the change in the profile of a casino gambler. The profile of casino players has undergone a huge transformation over the years with players now coming from all backgrounds to enjoy the action. From professionals, stay at home mothers, students to silver surfers the old beaten stereotypes are long gone. Overall this change can be accredited to the increase in accessibility of casino games, wider variety of games on offer and an elevated media profile. However, let’s not forget Hollywood’s influence. Reeling out many casino-based movies throughout the years, Hollywood has certainly played a part in how we view casinos and those who frequent them. The change in the average casino goer has not gone unnoticed by Hollywood directors. This can evidently be seen with the latest string of casino movies: 21 (2008) The Hangover (2009), and the upcoming Oceans 8 (2018) all showcasing a wider variety of characters.

As land based and online casinos await to see Hollywood’s future influence on their businesses, casino players worldwide are certainly benefiting from its golden touch.

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