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A Glimpse into Hollywood’s Perennial Fascination with the Gambling Industry

Few things have changed over the last couple of decades as much as Hollywood’s approach to gambling. However, some things stay the same and movie aficionados will notice the similarities quite easily. Crime used to be a steadfast partner of gambling in film, especially in the 90s. This is when some of the best movies about gambling were made and many were centered on the connection between casinos and organized crime. Masterpieces about the Mafia, such as Casino or Ocean’s Eleven only had gambling as a background theme for the main story.

Hollywood Caters for a More Educated Audience

Something obviously changed over the last decade, with the movie industry paying more attention to the games themselves. Not so long ago, they could easily get away when depicting games in a superficial or downright incorrect manner. People knew very little about casino games and they were more interested in what the main characters were plotting. Now there are plenty of moviegoers who are familiar with poker, blackjack, baccarat and many other popular casino games.

This change didn’t occur overnight and it is largely the result of people discovering the perks of online casinos. These gambling operators brought popular games to their fingertips and allowed them to play for real money without leaving their home. People who would otherwise never step inside a brick-and-mortar casino are now playing the games online. They can enjoy the perks of a friendly community, bonuses, promotions and action with PlayOJO. Players choose if they want to spend real cash or play money.

Poker Games Plenty of Traction Online

Arguably the most popular of all casino games, poker is played by tens of millions around the world. Most of them do it at a casual level, but the number of professional players is also on the rise. They understand the game well enough to spot any inaccuracies in Hollywood blockbusters. This has forced the movie industry to be more careful and now producers frequently work with poker experts. Some of these interactions are reduced to counseling, while in other cases, poker players step into the spotlight. One of our 5 favourite gambling films is in fact about professional poker player Daniel Negreanu, aka KidPoker.

Actors, screenplay and a solid script are still at the cornerstone of a good move, including those with a gambling theme. However, it is refreshing to see that the games are no longer just an excuse to tell a story. Those watching the films can get at least a general idea about how the games are played and learn the basics. These 25 gambling movies you must watch have the merit of educating the watchers, while also keeping them at the edge of their seats.

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