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Have you ever heard of crypto currencies? Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years, you certainly heard about bitcoins, litecoins or even dogecoins. Even though the major effects of bitcoins and the blockchain technology as a whole are still to be seen in a close future, today bitcoins have become very widely accepted. It is now possible to use it to pay at hundreds of thousands of online shops, betting balance at numerous bitcoin online casinos or even as a regular payment method between friends. However, what are bitcoins and how did the whole thing start? Let’s learn this together by examining a few great documentary movies.

Life on Bitcoin

“Life on Bitcoin” is a great documentary that shows how widespread the bitcoins have become, and the movie shows it in a very practical way. So you get a married couple that aims to survive for 100+ days without using any fiat currencies. They pay and receive payments only via bitcoins and they have quite some fun doing this. Well, unfortunately an exception had to be made as within 100 days it was necessary to cover some medical expenses, and those could only be settled in US dollars. The movie is inspired by Felix Weis, a developer that was using bitcoins as the only payment system of an even longer period of time – a full year.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

This amazing documentary is focused on the life of Daniel, a 35 year old father of three boys that just happens to be a fan of the bitcoin since its inception. A movie shows a daily routine of Daniel where he talks about his perception of the bitcoin and the whole philosophy around cryptocurrencies. It also portrays the community of bitcoin enthusiasts quite well. Unlike most of the people that jumped on the bitcoin train for the profits, Daniel is on it for the idea. While he can get rid of bitcoins and get some nice profit, he steal prefer to keep it in order to support the idea. The movie also shows some great examples of startups that evolved through the bitcoin community and that are currently enabling an even wider usage of bitcoins.

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know

“Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know” is another great documentary that focuses on the potential of the bitcoin. Today we are living in the times when the governments have control over the money. While people are working hard to earn dollars, euros or any other fiat currencies, the government has a full power to appreciate or depreciate the currency by manipulating the exchange rates. However, the movie shows that with bitcoins things are going to change drastically. The movie answers quite a few questions about the money we use now, it shows what bitcoin is and how it evolved, and most importantly it shows a large scope of benefits that could be delivered by bitcoins.

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